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The largest of the Ionian islands, Kefalonia is a charming and popular tourist place. Mountainous villages surrounded by lush greenery, Byzantine monasteries, breathtaking landscape and amazing beaches complete the picture of this charming island.

Top sightseeing in Kefalonia are the Lake of Melissani, the Cave of Drogarati with the fantastic stalactites and stalagmites, the Castles of Assos & Saint George’s,the Lighthouse of Argostoli with the impressive architectural style. Not to miss in Kefalonia are the beautiful villages of Assos,Fiscardo,Skala,Agia Efimia and of course the stunning beaches of Myrtos, Antisamos, Petani,Makrys gialos,Ai Helis,Skala and Lourdas.

Not convinced already?

Other remarcable attractions of Kefalonia are the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos & the Monastery  at Kipouria while Kounopetra and the De Bosset bridge ( in Koutavos lagoon) are some of the other monuments of the island.

In Argostoli there is also the memorial monument of the Italian Division Aqui.Thousands of soldiers and 136 officers even when they surrendered to the Germans planning to still be protected by the Geneva Convention instead within two days on 25 and 26 September of 1943 were all shot to death.